Milly Rodriguez


IMG_7695.JPGHi! My name is Milly Rodriguez and I am a senior studying Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Building Science. My hometown is Modesto, California, which is about six hours north of LA, in the Central Valley. I moved to LA for college and got pretty homesick but soon after, I joined SHPE-USC and fell in love with everything this organization does. From food to friendship, SHPE-USC meets all the needs of those who need a home away from home. I am currently president of our chapter and I look forward to making this a great year and a great home for our members. If you have questions and/or suggestions, just find me walking around campus (I have a huge backpack, you can’t miss me)! Outside of SHPE and classes, I am also involved with Hermanas Unidas and CMAA. My favorite things to do are sleep, find funny things to post on Snapchat, and volunteer my time towards STEM Outreach. I also like to meet cool new people so please say hi if you see me on campus!

Alejandra Fuentes

Senior Vice President

IMG_7876.JPGHello! My name is Alejandra Fuentes and I am junior studying Biomedical Engineering. I was born in Lima, Peru but I grew up in Chicago, Illinois. On campus I am a Freshman Academy Coach, CED Mentor, and part of the Break on 2 Salsa Team! Not only is SHPE a great academic and professional resource, but we are also a great community of friends who help each other out with anything. Our familia is always there to help you, so come out and enjoy some free food and a good time with us!

Edson Hernandez


IMG_7715.JPGBorn in Mexico City, Mexico, grew up In South Central Los Angeles, Transferred from East Los Angeles College. Senior Mechanical Engineering. On my free time I like to spend time with my daughter, i.e. take her to visit different campuses bike rides try different types of food and watch airplane videos.

Maria Camasmie


IMG_7742.jpgHi, I’m Maria Camasmie and I’ll be your treasurer this year. I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and grew up in Orlando, Florida (and yes I love the weather there and YES I do have a pet alligator. Her name is Sandra). I am a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering although my true dream is to be to Orlando what Chance the Rapper is to Chicago (O-town, represent!). When I’m not having a great time with my SHPE familia, I can be found at the Combustion Physics Lab on campus burning some bacterial spores for JPL, desperately trying to teach myself Python, and polishing my trumpet, Bertha. SHPE is not only a wonderful network of hard-working, motivated individuals that inspire me to be better everyday, but also a great group of friends that I can hang out with on the weekends. If you want to surround yourself with people that you can both study and have fun with, SHPE is ready to welcome you with a big ‘ol hug! We also often have free food at our events so…

Camila Salomon

Vice President of External Relations 

IMG_7800.JPGHey, I’m Camila Salomon! I am a Sophomore studying Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Building Science and this year I will be SHPE-USC’s VP of External Relations. I was born in Bogota, Colombia but grew up in Weston, Florida. SHPE is definitely my favorite involvement on campus because it fosters groups of friends and events there to help each member succeed in class, develop professionally, and give back to the community. Come check us out and join the SHPE familia!

Vanessa Pangbourne

Vice President of Public Relations 

IMG_7608.jpgHello! My name is Vanessa Pangbourne and I am a junior studying Chemical Engineering with an emphasis in Nanotechnology. I was born in Santiago, Chile and grew up moving all around South America and most recently Canada! On campus I do research in a nanofabrication lab, I am a part of a social sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, and I am a CED Circles Mentor. Besides the incredible access SHPE provides to industry professionals, research opportunities and USC resources, I have gained an incredible community of mentors, study buddies and most importantly friends. Be sure to come out to any of our events to check it all out!

Ana Rescala

Vice President of Membership 

IMG_7581.jpgHi everyone, my name is Ana Rescala and I am a sophomore studying computer engineering and computer science. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina but I grew up in Tampa, Florida. The SHPE familia is the best group of people I’ve met on campus! Outside of SHPE, I’m on the Break on 2 salsa team and I’m learning to play the guitar.

Jonathan Fuentes

Vice President of Outreach 

IMG_7652.JPGHi, my name is Jonathan and I chose to study chemical engineering. With just one year left, I try to get as much out of the college experience as I can whether through SHPE’s many events or by signing up for as many “useless” but fun classes as I can. Despite my love for California, I don’t go to the beach often enough and am always looking to fix that.

Jacqueline Ojeda

Executive Assistant

Ojeda HeadshotHello! I’m Jacqueline Ojeda, a sophomore studying Biomedical engineering with an emphasis in Biochemistry. I was born and raised in Morelia, Mexico but I recently relocated to Ventura, CA. Through SHPE I got to meet amazing people and some of my best friends. Aside from SHPE, I am very involved with the CarusoCC. I enjoying exploring LA with my friends and you can always find me at some USC games cheering up our Trojans!

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