Mentorship Application

SHPE SHAPE is a mentorship program with the inner city high school Augustus F. Hawkins in which each USC student is paired with a high school student. We will be working with the top 30 students of each class at Hawkins to develop their passions, help with their studies, and guide them through the college application process. These kids, who are at the top of their class, are often neglected by the school because they aren’t at risk of failing and are assumed to be capable of handling high school alone. However, this leaves them under-qualified to apply to many colleges that they could be getting into had they had the resources and support many of us at USC did. We, as SHPE SHAPE, hope to address this issue and give these inner city kids a strong a foundation and passion for learning so they have the ability to go to college and escape the cycle of poverty. We will be meeting twice a month with the mentees for a 2 – 3 hour period on Saturdays. The only thing we are looking for is someone with commitment and an actual desire to help the students improve. The kids we work with are talented and hopeful, but often lose against an education system that is overburdened and underfunded. These students need attention, guidance, and the reassurance that someone cares enough to take an interest in their education. It is only a couple hour commitment on your part, but those hours could make a huge difference on their future. For more questions please Thanks!

Apply here!

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